Tara International has its roots in the Indian Agrarian market place way back since 1979. What began as a journey with 3 Canadian majors has now expanded with associates across the globe offering quality high-tech analytical checking and measuring instruments for applications in Grain & Seed processing alongside farm equipments.

Over the last 4 decades the company has established its clientele in India across industrial domains ranging from Agricultural, Automobiles, Breweries, Chemicals, Confectionery, Dairy, Edible Oil and Vegetables, Educational Institutes, FDA, Grain & Seeds, Fertilizer, Food, Feed, Laboratories R&D / QC-QA, Paints & Allied Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Pulp, Petroleum, Public Analytical Laboratories, Tobacco, Tea & Coffee, Universities, Central & State Government Organizations and Cooperative sectors, among others.

Key Achievements

Here are a few of the things that we at Tara are proud of.

  1. Given the criticality of moisture in the Indian climatic conditions, Tara initiated the raising of awareness on the subject. With the program of marketing the “Moisture Meter” to the Indian consumer spectrum, we are offering state of art technologies of the future to meet the ever growing demands of the industries that we service.
  2. Having understood the pulse of the market well in advance, our marketing division was expanded to provide a single window service as a turn-key solution provider. Tara International has successfully completed more than 45 projects in the field of Agriculture, Dairy and Pharmaceuticals across the Country. We established more than 3600 complete and partial laboratories in a variety sectors for testing and quality control.
  3. Tara has been using highly specialized technology known as Hydrogen Plasma Technology for processing mineral ores into metal.
  4. Tara has achieved trial production of Green Steel – Carbon and Pollution Free Steel, which is the first of its kind of in the world. This research produces steel from Iron Ore without using coal. The product has been named “Green Steel” as it saves the environment from getting polluted.
  5. Here at Tara, we are fully equipped with well trained engineers to provide Customer Support, After-sale service, Application Development, Training and Maintenance of equipment.